Maricel Cruz is a health worker and member of the Barangay Health Emergency Response Team in Barangay 374, a low-income neighborhood in Manila. Photo credit: Genevive Estacaan/USAID ReachHealth Project

For the past two years, RTI International has been partnering with Papyrus S.A., which leads the Maize Adaptive and Innovative Solutions (MAIS) project, a five-year effort funded by Global Affairs Canada to improve the livelihoods of Haitian smallholder farmers and their families. Credit: Nadia Todres for RTI International.
Dr. Leda Hernandez, Division Chief, Infectious Disease Office, National Center for Disease Prevention and Control, Philippines Department of Health, at her office in Manila, Philippines. Photo credit: RTI International/Paolo Pangan.
Adan Hasan Salad is a 25-year-old Mogadishu resident who recently participated in a USAID-funded effort to train local youth to produce face coverings that can help prevent the spread of COVID-19. Credit: Yussuf Ali/USAID Somalia GEEL Project.

“Finding a job in Somalia…

Students at Kiiya Primary School in Luwero, Uganda. The school is part of the USAID-funded Journeys program, which helps prevent and respond to school-related gender-based violence. Photo: Katie G. Nelson for RTI International
A farm worker with the Feed the Future-supported Maka Diama Producers Network uses a stone to scare away a bird circling the rice fields. Birds account for a significant share of crop losses for rice farmers. Credit: Patrick Adams for RTI International.

Agnes Nansere Nassaka and her daughter, Justine Nakyejwe. Justine is one of 4.4 million students across Uganda who are learning to love reading thanks to two USAID-funded early grade reading programs implemented in partnership with Uganda’s Ministry of Education and Sports. Photo credit: Katie G. Nelson for RTI International
A primary school student receives deworming medicine in Lahat district, South Sumatra, Indonesia. Photo Credit: RTI International / Muhammad Fadli

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